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(Moving On)


Jon Combats Fervently to repair his life destroying incident in Rhode Island. Jon's strenuous Journey of Resolution and Maturation is both INSPIRATIONAL and HEARTBREAKING.


Two years after being arrested on trumped-up charges, Jon Slovak still struggles to move on. His father doesn't understand why he can't get a full-time job. His mother can't understand why father and son can't stop fighting. Jon's Long Island friends don't know why he's scared to take chances in life.

Jon's success as a waiter, and performing Community Theater give him courage. Still, Things don't come easy. It takes Jon a long time to realize and accept he's gay. In tru tragic fashion, one of his first romantic nights out leads to the kind of drug den Jon himself was once falsely accused of running. Later, his dearest friend’s sudden death threatens to plunge him into despair.

Jon, through with running away, decides to run forward. He begins by building "his" life in New York City. He struggles to leave the past behind and rebuild his relationship with his parents. Jon’s trials and tribulations give him the strength to grow up, gain perspective, then rediscover his passion and compassion.

Rogue's Island is the story of a man building a life on his terms. Jon Slovak learns to recognize who cares and who doesn't care about him.

© 2020 Craig Slivka

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