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(The Fall)


KICKED OUT by his Father and Failing Self-Confidence forces Jon to seek acceptance in any way possible. SET UP by Crooked Detective Corrupting the Legal System, Jon STRUGGLES to Salvage his Destroyed Life.


Having been kicked out of parents' home, recent college graduate Jon Slovak is ARRESTED for CORRUPTION of a MINOR in Narragansett, Rhode Island. An abusive Detective is determined to nail him as a significant Local Crime and Drug Czar.

Frightened, and not on good terms with folks, Jon calls his manager for bail money. Later at work, Jon's Boss gives him a Lawyer's number to Powerful Firm in Providence. The Powerful Law Firm is No Match for a CORRUPT DETECTIVE. "He's out to make an example of you," Jon's Lawyer tells him. Jon gets arrested again on the same charge but through a different court. If bail isn’t posted before eight pm, Jon will be sent to an Adult Correctional Facility to await trial.

Out of options, Jon calls his Mom, who is in an emotional state, sends bail money. Mom then calls family friend, a Prominent NYC Judge. The Judge quickly discovers the DEPTHS of a GRIM SITUATION. Judge gives Mrs. Slovak the number of a lawyer who can sort through this Sadistic Corrupt Farce.

Enter the Mafia Lawyer. Ten thousand dollar flat fee is discussed and agreed. Mafia Lawyer unearths Jon was SET UP by Detective to JUSTIFY a DEAD-END INVESTIGATION. Detective set Jon up to buy a six dollar bottle of vodka for twenty-year-old Juvenile Delinquent. In return for Snaring Jon Slovak, Delinquent was promised a Wiped Record.

Abundant corruption, unearthed during Mafia Lawyer's investigation. Like how the Detective had Cops bug Jon's apartment for a month, found nothing, and created a "case" against him. Many corrupt hidden items explode into plain view. The Judge, once in the pocket of detective, is forced back in favor of Justice. Formerly Corrupted Judge looks at the case again, then looks at young Jonathan. Judge RULES in favor of a YEAR'S PROBATION. The judge explains if Jon keeps out of trouble case file will be wiped from the courts forever.

Jon moves back with his Folks to Long Island. Jon keeps out of trouble. Jon's life, Mercilessly Destroyed in Rhode Island, created Traumatic Scars Across his Soul. Jon chooses to RISE OUT of his DEAD ASHES and STRUGGLES in SEARCH of a FUTURE.

© 2020 Craig Slivka

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