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Josh Gilmartin's Drug Addiction culminates Hospitalization and Court. Judge rules one-year probation for first-time offender Josh. Judge mandates a transformation into a nonaddictive society participant, failure equals jail. Josh Combats Loneliness and Adversity to Accomplish Judge's Decree. This Odyssey influences Josh to Savor Life and Love again.


Child star of TV, films, and commercials, Josh Gilmartin at twenty-two reaches a career pinnacle as Happy Rooney in the Broadway Revue "Who in the World is Roger Edens?". Josh collapses onstage from an abusive drug habit.

At the hospital, the doctor advises him to fight the addiction, or next time his body may not recover. In denial about his drug usage, Josh argues with both his doctor and Alex the "Edens" stage manager. Josh's manager shows up to find out whether his cash cow will be back at work that night or the next day.

Josh crumbles from pressure and checks out. On the street, Josh scores coke and gets busted by a cop. In court, after listening to Josh's case and a heart-tugging plea by Alex, Judge Richard rules a year on probation. After the year, if Josh proves himself adjusted to clean living, his potential thirty-year sentence will be thrown out with no record.

Josh gets smashed at a local dive bar. After hearing about Josh's recent developments, the bartender introduces Josh to Dale Torrintino. Dale’s heavy workload as a Speech Teacher for the hearing impaired has created the need for an assistant. Reluctantly, but encouraged by Sam, Dale agrees to hire Josh.

Josh's focus becomes helping hearing-impaired children learn. Josh gains perspective. Josh's demons still simmer below the surface. He struggles to stay off drugs. From teaching children who have challenges, Josh learns to live without medication.

Nikki Bronski joins the school, and Josh feels unknown emotions. Nikki isn't interested in Josh. Josh's persistence breaks down her resistance. She agrees to one date. Nikki's view of Josh changes as Josh evolves through self-healing.

The year passes quickly as Josh matures, works with children, and dates Nikki. One night Josh and Nikki go to a restaurant for dinner; Josh’s manager shows up. Josh trembles when the manager demands a work start date. Josh doesn't want to return to the industry. His manager says that's not an option. Josh explodes verbally from years of thickly laid guilt by his manager. Bottled up feelings about his parents' death and being a commodity pour out as the walls shake. His manager storms out. Josh says it should be his choice of what he does.

Back in Judge Richardon's court, Josh reveals his discoveries and progression. Judge Richardon throws Josh's case out of court.

© 2020 Craig Slivka

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