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Mother and Father Stradavariouskini labor through maniacal adversity to keep their mansion from foreclosure. Lovely Daughter Sasa, torn between buying Narcissa's (the Avon Lady) makeup and loving her man Louisiana Jones. Maid Agnes struggles with the dinner count and almost gets eaten (dream sequence) by burnt turkey. Teenage David desperately desires to be an adult, not treated as a child. David rebels by syncopating swing rhythms despite numerous warnings.


The year is 1947. An elegant mansion has become a decrepit relic of a bygone era. Swing Music thrives with the masses, but it's banned from the classically-inclined Stradavariouskinisi home. Arthur and Guinevere, the former King and Queen of Broadway, washed up after a decade of flops.

Now, finally, Arthur is positive he has a hit for Gwen to star in. 'Murder and Mayhem in Siberia' will guarantee the recovery of their throne and financial resources. But only if they can open their salvation before the bank repossesses the manor, their belongings, and the show.

Arthur and Gwen's debutante daughter Sasha cares nothing for Broadway and everything for Louisiana Jones, a Cajun Romeo studying archaeology at Double U Stake College on Linear Island. Soon David discovers a taboo forbidden love: Swing Music.

Shipped to Siberia, the Film Musical & Swing Fever, the Musical farce is inspired by screwball comedies and MGM musicals. There are subtle dialogue and scenic and action differentiation between the stage and screen versions. The story, music, and the lyrics are the focus-no falling chandeliers or flying helicopters here! Witty, wacky, and whimsical.

© 2020 Craig Slivka

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